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The Import Section of Ceylon chamber of Commerce, serves as the authoritative voice for importers in Sri Lanka, passionately advocating for their interests. With a deep understanding of the import trade landscape, we represent the collective interests and aspirations of importers, ensuring their voices are heard at various platforms. By actively engaging with policymakers and industry stakeholders, import section strives to create a favorable business environment that supports the growth and success of importers across the nation.

Building strong relationships with the government of Sri Lanka and boarder agencies is a cornerstone of our strategy. These professional connections provide us with a valuable leverage to advocate for policies and measures that positively impact importers. By actively collaborating and fostering dialogue, import section works to align the interests of importers with the country’s vision & World Trade Organization (WTO) framework, promoting a conducive trade ecosystem that enables importers to thrive and contribute to the economic development.

The government of Sri Lanka and border agencies regularly seek the views and expertise of our committee on matters pertaining to the import trade. Recognizing us as a trusted representative of importers, our insights and recommendations are valued and considered in policy decisions. This collaborative approach ensures that the perspectives and concerns of importers are considered, creating a framework that reflects the realities and needs of the import industry.

As the most esteemed chamber in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce holds a prominent position in the business community. The Import Section, as the sole legitimate and recognized section, exemplifies the chamber’s commitment to supporting importers. With a legacy of excellence and a strong network of industry professionals, we offer importers an exclusive platform for engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Through the strong industry connections and extensive networks, we have established strategic partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders, both locally and internationally. These partnerships enable the Import Section to advocate for the interests of importers, engage in policy discussions, and influence the development of trade-related regulations and frameworks.

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